Course rules & Etiquette

Course Care

Every player must carry and use a sand bucket at all times.  Please repair all divots and pitch marks and rake footprints from the bunkers.

Ground staff have the right of way on the course at all times.


A pitch mark that is repaired correctly will repair within 24 hours, so it is essential that all players repair their pitch marks diligently.  An incorrect or un-repaired pitch mark can take some 56 days to recover and can risk disease and infection getting into the green.

The following tips are provided to correctly repair a pitch mark;

- Start at the back of the mark and push forward with your ball repairer

- Lightly tap down the repaired pitch mark with your putter leaving a flat smooth surface


All players must carry and actively use a sand bucket.

The following tips are provided to correctly repair divots;

- Divots both on the fairways and in the rough need to be repaired
- Remove any loose turf from the divot (do not replace the dislodged divot back in the grass)
- Knock in all sides of the edge of the divot with your club or your shoe
- Lightly sand the divot creating a smooth playing surface
- Players should avoid walking on bare patches to give the grass an opportunity to recover


It is recommended that all players enter and exit all bunkers from the lowest access

- Footprints are to be raked by pulling the sand from the outside in
- Pull the rake towards you as you exit the bunker
- Rakes must be left in flat portions of bunkers with the handle parallel with the direction of the play and should be left as far away from the edge as possible

Golf Carts

We have a fleet of 40 Club Car carts to offer our Members & Visitors.

- Under no circumstances must carts be driven within 10 metres of any green, between bunkers and greens or close to bunker edges
- No more than two (2) persons may ride in or on a cart at any one time
- Please ensure that carts stick to paths where provided
- Please ensure damp and/or wet areas are avoided
- It is the responsibility of the cart hirer to ensure the proper use and control of the golf cart at all times
- Any damage sustained whilst in hire to the cart and course will be billed to the hirer
- Golf car hire is available to all persons over the age of 18 years with a current drivers licence
- Golf Carts must be returned immediately at the conclusion of the hire time
- Any person found to be in breach of these conditions will have the cart removed from their hire without refund